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What is a Floor Mounted Jib Crane?

A jib crane is a crane with a horizontal arm. This near horizontal beam is used to support the load clear of the pillar support. Jib cranes are mainly used in industrial and commercial applications, can be utilized indoors, or outdoors, and have the ability to lift very heavy loads. The production manager of a… Read more »

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A Floor Based Jib Crane manufactured by Bushman Equipment for an aluminum foundry

Bushman Pit Bull™ – Unleashed

Many users of slitting lines know the inconvenience of having to clean out scrap metal from the bottom of the looping pit.  It’s dangerous work that oftentimes requires a confined space work permit or hiring an outside service company. Bushman Equipment, Inc now offers the Pit Bull™, an air-powered scrap grapple designed specifically for cleaning out looping pits.

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Recommendations For Buying And Inspecting Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

Arguably, your Below-the-Hook lifting devices can be considered the “hands” of your operation. You might have great metal processing machines, but they cannot produce your product or value-added service unless the master coils, plates, structural pieces, sheet bundles and burned/cut parts can be efficiently and safely gripped, lifted and set into and moved out of your line. This article will offer important things to consider before buying a lifting attachment, either separately or with a new overhead crane.

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buying and inspecting below the hook lifting devices

100 Ton Mechanical Upender From Bushman

Bushman Equipment, Inc. recently shipped a mechanical upender (tipper) rated for 100 tons (200,000 lb). The loading and unloading platforms are 168” x 132”.  The drive motor is 25 HP and is controlled by an AC flux vector variable frequency drive.

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