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Bushman COVID-19 Update

As we continue to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19), Bushman is taking appropriate steps to keep employees, customers and the community safe.

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bushman equipment covid 19 update

Bushman Pit Bull™ – Unleashed

Many users of slitting lines know the inconvenience of having to clean out scrap metal from the bottom of the looping pit.  It’s dangerous work that oftentimes requires a confined space work permit or hiring an outside service company. Bushman Equipment, Inc now offers the Pit Bull™, an air-powered scrap grapple designed specifically for cleaning out looping pits.

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Recommendations For Buying And Inspecting Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

Arguably, your Below-the-Hook lifting devices can be considered the “hands” of your operation. You might have great metal processing machines, but they cannot produce your product or value-added service unless the master coils, plates, structural pieces, sheet bundles and burned/cut parts can be efficiently and safely gripped, lifted and set into and moved out of your line. This article will offer important things to consider before buying a lifting attachment, either separately or with a new overhead crane.

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buying and inspecting below the hook lifting devices

100 Ton Mechanical Upender From Bushman

Bushman Equipment, Inc. recently shipped a mechanical upender (tipper) rated for 100 tons (200,000 lb). The loading and unloading platforms are 168” x 132”.  The drive motor is 25 HP and is controlled by an AC flux vector variable frequency drive.

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