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Many users of slitting lines know the inconvenience of having to clean out scrap metal from the bottom of the looping pit. It’s dangerous work that oftentimes requires a confined space work permit or hiring an outside service company.

Bushman Equipment, Inc now offers the Pit Bull™, an air-powered scrap grapple designed specifically for cleaning out looping pits.

Steel Technologies, Inc. in Decatur, AL recently placed their Pit Bull™ grapple into service. General Manager Daniel Naron offered his comments: “I was a bit pessimistic at first, but after a few hours of use, I’m impressed. Our workers will no longer have to go down into the pit. And because it’s easy to set up and use, we will clean our looping pits more often.”

Pit Bull™ attaches to the overhead crane that services the slitting line. No crane modifications are needed. Grapple lifting capacity is 1,000 lbs. Pit Bull™ is powered by a standard 90-110 psi air supply line typically available near the slitter. It is operated by a hand-held non-licensed radio remote control transmitter. The radio receiver and solenoid air valves are powered by a battery with battery charger and 120v plug outlet that are housed inside the welded steel plate box of the Pit Bull™. Double acting air cylinders operate the high strength steel plate jaws.

If your crane hook will not reach near the bottom of your looping pit, Bushman offers an optional electric chain hoist that attaches to your crane hook and lowers the Pit Bull™ to the pit floor. It is operated from the same hand-held radio transmitter. Pit Bull™ has fork pockets for moving between bays and comes with a storage stand.

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