C-Hooks (Coil Hooks) and Spring Balanced C-Hooks

Below The Hook Lifting Devices like Bushman’s crane Heavy Duty C-Hooks are engineered to meet the specific coil handling requirements of the customer’s below the hook operating environment.

c-hook, spring balanced c-hook

mill duty chook coil lifter

C-Hook Features of Bushman Equipment, Inc. Include:

  • Unitized construction of a C-Hook means only the bail, counterweight and coil support saddle are welded to the main, one-piece burnout.
  • Tapered lower carrying arm facilitates C-Hook entry into the coil ID.
  • Beveled top edge on carrying arms is standard on C-hooks under 20,000 pound capacity.
  • Coil support saddles are standard on C-Hooks with 20,000 pound or greater capacity.
  • Each C-Hook is custom engineered to meet the customer’s specific requirements for load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom.

C-Hook Options

  • High temperature
  • Mill duty lifters
  • Storage stands
  • Protective pads
  • Bail pins
  • Motorized rotation
  • Digital weighing systems
  • Designs for narrow coils
  • Remote control features

C-Hook Applications

  • Heavy Duty Material Handling
  • Paper Roll Handling
  • Slit Coil Handling
  • Close stacking C-Hook
  • Pivoting coil C-Hook

All Bushman Equipment, Inc. Heavy Duty C-Hooks are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest revisions of ASME Specifications B30.20 and BTH-1, Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.

Counter Balanced C-hooks

heavy duty crane C-hook

Model 624 C-Hook

This crane C-Hook has a lower member length (“L” dimension) which equals the maximum coil width. The full length support feature of this C-Hook increases the amount of surface area in contact with the coil, minimizing the potential for damage to the inner wraps of lighter gauge coil stock. The tapered carrying arms facilitate entry into the coil ID.

Model 624 C-Hooks are counter balanced to hang level whether loaded or unloaded. They are fabricated from high strength steel body plate to minimize size and weight so they are an economical choice for coil handling.

Available Features Include:

  • Variety of lifting bails
  • Coil edge protection
  • Power rotation available
  • Digital weigh system available
  • Low headroom designs available
  • Storage/maintenance stands available and recommended

Motorized Rotating C-Hook

C hooks - mill duty Motorized Rotating

Mill Duty, Motorized Rotating C-Hook

Bushman Equipment, Inc.’s motorized rotating crane C-Hook, a mill duty lifter, comes equipped with a motorized rotator capable of continuous 360° rotation. This feature provides additional capability for safe and precise positioning of coils.

Mill Duty C-Hook

C hook mill-duty crane

Our mill duty C-Hooks are designed for continuous, severe mil service. It is designed to ASTM BTHJ-1, Category B, Service Class 4. Larger sections and corner radii keep stresses to a minimum that provide maximum service life.

Close Stacking C-Hook for Narrow Aisles

C hook crane for close stacking

This C-Hook is designed for close stacking. The distance from pick-up point (center of gravity) to the end of the hook is shortened. The shorter lifting arm permits handling all coil widths within operating range (widest to narrowest) without the lifting arm extending beyond the outer edge of the coil.

The reduced overall width of this style of C-Hook lifter can help decrease aisle space requirements, increasing storage capacity.

Paper Roll C-Hook

under hook paper roll handling crane c-hook

This C-Hook Lifts the Paper Roll by Inserting the Lower Member through the Roll Core

C-Hooks for Narrow Coils

crane C-hook

The model 610 C-hook is similar in construction to the model 624. The lifting bail is turned 90° and burned from the same piece of plate as the hook, making it an integral part of the C-Hook. The standard “H” dimension on the model 610 is 20 inches.

Spring Balanced C-Hook

C-hook eliminates counter weight and minimizes hook weight

This spring balanced C-Hook coil lifter:

  • Eliminates counter weight and minimizes C-Hook weight
  • Coil edge protection available
  • Particularly useful for handling large coils

Nickel Clad C-Hook

 below-the-hook crane C-hook or coil lifter

This C-Hook was Designed for Submerging Wire or Rod Coils in an Acid Pickling Line. It is Clad 100% in Nickel to Protect the Steel used in the Fabrication of the Units.

Coil Tipper C-Hook

under hook crane C-hook designed to handle slit coils (mults)

  • Engineered to move small palletized slit coils (mults) from eye-horizontal to eye-vertical
  • Custom designed for various capacities and coil sizes
  • Made of high strength steel with inside corners polished and NDT inspected
  • Available capacity from 500 to 10,000 pounds

Slit Mult Lifter

Slit Mult Lifter c-hook

Specially designed lifter facilitates fast and safe placement of a slit coil onto an un-coiler mandrel.

  • Specially designed lifter facilitates fast and safe placement of a slit coil onto an un-coiler mandrel.
  • It automatically adjusts to varying coil diameters.
  • The full length handle makes it easier to maneuver the lifter.
  • Faster and safer than using a conventional C-hook.

Combination C-Hook & Pallet Lifter

Combination crane C-hook/pallet lifter

  • Versatile combination C-Hook/pallet lifter unit handles coils and palletized materials
  • Motorized or manual adjustment

Coil Edge Protection

Replaceable nylon pads

Replaceable Nylon Pads can be Built into a C-Hook

C-Hook Storage Stand

crane C-hook stand

Since C-Hooks are large and heavy, they can cause personal injury or property damage if they fall over. Each C-Hook should be stored in an upright position on a stand specifically designed for its size, shape and weight.

C-Hook Storage and Maintenance Stands

C hook stand with ladder and platform

Ladder and Platform Allows for Easy Access to the Crane Hook and Lifting Bail

C hook stand with ladder and platform mill duty C-hook coil grabs  C hook custom engineered crane coil lifters