Hook & Crane Bottom Blocks

Bushman Equipment, Inc. hook blocks, often called crane blocks or crane bottom blocks, are below-the-hook crane lifting equipment designed for your specific application. Sheave configuration, capacity, special control requirements and unique reeving patterns can be incorporated to improve your industrial lifting equipment operation.

Motorized Rotating Bottom Block or crane block or hook block Motorized Rotating crane block or hook Block Power-rotating hook block or crane block

Left: Motorized rotating hook block
Center: Motorized rotating hook block, Model MR 517
Right: Power-rotating hook block. Our blocks are available with an optional digital electronic weigh scale system.

Hook Block Options

The motor driven 360° rotating crane hook block permits the crane operator to use an overhead crane to position heavy or awkward loads in less accessible work areas. They can also be equipped as motorized rotating crane hooks.

Standard non-motorized hook blocks are available for retrofitting or modernization projects. These crane blocks can also be manufactured in larger quantities for new crane installations.

Hook Block Specifications

All Bushman Equipment, Inc. hook blocks are designed and manufactured in accordance with CMAA and AISE specifications and the latest revision of ASME Spec. B30.20 and BTH-1: Design of Below the Hook Lifting Devices.

Hook Blocks are Available in the Following Crane Service Classifications

  • Standby or infrequent use
  • Light service: Up to 5 lifts per hour at 50% of capacity
  • Moderate service: Up to 10 lifts per hour at 50% of capacity
  • Heavy duty service: High speed up to 20 lifts per hour at 65% of capacity
  • Severe service: High speed over 20 lifts per hour at 100% capacity
  • Continuous severe service: Production critical, continuous service at 100% capacity

Hook Blocks Standard Features of Bushman Equipment, Inc.’s

  • Machined steel sheaves
  • Welded steel construction
  • Tapered or straight roller bearings for smooth rotation
  • Adjustable slip clutch for impact protection
  • Forged hook with safety latch
  • Lubrication fittings for hook and sheave bearings

Hook Block Optional Features

  • Mechanical rotation stops for motorized rotating hook blocks
  • Electrical limit switch rotation control
  • Motor controls: AC or DC, single speed magnetic or VFD
  • Remote controls
  • Collector rings for power below the hook
  • Solid state soft start
  • Built-in weigh scale with integral or remote display
  • Air motor rotation
  • Clevis in place of hook
  • Multiple sheave configurations or reeving patterns
  • Pin-type bail connection
  • Hardened sheaves
  • These units are custom designed to your unique requirements.

custom designed bottom blocks

Custom-Designed Hook Blocks

custom designed hook blocks

Hook on Rotator