Bushman's ReNEW Repair Services

Bushman’s ReNEW Repair Services offers complete in-house and onsite service to keep your below-the-hook material handling equipment working safely and efficiently, without expensive unscheduled downtime.

bushmans renew repair services

Excellence in Repair and Remanufacturing – and We Work on ALL Brands!

  • Documented inspection within one to three weeks of receiving the unit at our shop
  • A firm repair price based on the inspection report
  • A firm delivery commitment
  • Material and workmanship guarantee
  • Capability to make engineered capacity or safety upgrades when needed
  • Will inspect and repair other brands besides Bushman Equipment, Inc

single rim coil tong lifting device before bushman equipment's renew repair services single rim coil tong lifting device after bushman equipment's renew repair services

Single Rim Coil Tong – Before & After

Benefits of ReNEW

  • Converts tired or damaged lifting devices into safe, usable tools
  • Provides a professional inspection report and a firm price quote before you decide
  • Reduces expensive equipment downtime
  • Work directed by engineers who fully understand the equipment and performed by fully qualified and experienced personnel
  • All work is guaranteed
  • Costs a fraction of what new equipment would cost
  • When you find economical used equipment, have it refurbished by ReNEW

Are You in Compliance?

  • Bushman Equipment, Inc. offers complete onsite inspection services for all your material handling equipment. This will keep you in compliance with the law and will also reduce downtime and save you money
  • We provide a managed staff of highly trained, competent and qualified technicians and inspectors to service your lifting equipment requirements
  • Legal compliance also means keeping full inspection and maintenance documentation and records on each material-handling device. Our service will include the following documentation:
    • Certificate of Inspection and Test
    • NDT and UT certificates
    • Full inspection reports itemizing the component and its condition
    • Full details of repairs
    • Repair procedures and/or modifications certified by a Professional Engineer, as required

More Information about ReNEW