Appliances Industry

Whether lifting your inbound steel coils and sheets, transporting loads between bays or rotating bundles of blanks, Bushman’s broad range of products fits well with many of your processes.

C-hook to handle steel/aluminum master coils

Motorized coil grab to handle steel/aluminum master coils

Coil I.D. lifter lifts slit coils eye-to-sky

Horizontal slit coil lifter allows side-by-side stacking

Coil upender tips coils onto or off of pallets

Sheet lifter used to lift bundles of blanks or cut-to-length sheets

Small bundle lifter

Spreader beams are made in all capacities, lengths and lifting configurations

Flip-Rite® uses synthetic straps to safely rotate loads during fabrication or assembly

Lifting tongs are versatile tools for any shop

Load inverter flips bundles of sheets or blanks to proper orientation before stamping

Motorized transfer car to move loads along assembly line or from bay-to-bay

Tow cart for transport of stamping dies

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