Renewable Energy Industry

Material Handling Equipment for Wind Turbines

lifting device for wind energy towers

Grab for lifting and rotating pipe (tower) sections

hydraulically adjustable spreader beam for wind energy equipment manufacturing

Hydraulically adjustable spreader beam for outdoor storage

extra long spreader beam for material handling for wind energy equipment

Extra long and extra wide spreader beams for handling towers and blades

telescoping magnet beam for material handling in wind energy equipment manufacturing

Telescoping plate handling magnet beam

lifting device for wind energy material handling

Custom heavy lifting equipment

transfer car for wind energy equipment material handling

High capacity transfer cars for bay-to-bay transport

Bushman Equipment, Inc. has designed and built custom material handling equipment for over 55 years. So when you are looking to improve your production throughput and minimize costly product damage, give us a call. Bushman Equipment, Inc. is your best choice for the job.

Blade Handling Carts


  • Easily supports in-process blades.
  • Allows 360 degree motorized rotation for final finishing or inspection.
  • Carts can be secured to the floor or equipped with wheels for transporting blades.
  • Pressure pads securely hold any shape blade without damage.

root cart for material handling for wind energy products propeller cart for material handling in wind energy equipment manufacturing

Root Cart Tip cart

Nacelle Stands

During fabrication, final assembly, or any other time you need to get under the nacelle safely, Bushman Equipment, Inc. Nacelle Stands are the products of choice. Ruggedly constructed of structural shapes and plate, they provide the strength and security you need to work safely under these heavy loads.

End view of Nacell Side view of Nacelle stand with work stand platform

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