Industrial Lift Tables

Bushman specializes in building large, high-capacity mechanically-actuated custom industrial lift tables and jack-screw lift platforms for many different applications.

mechanical scissor lift

Electro-mechanical driven industrial lift platforms allow extremely precise load positioning, zero drift, and no hydraulic line leaks or ruptures.

Our lift tables and screw lifts are built with welded steel construction, using certified welders in compliance with AWS D1.1 and to meet or exceed ANSI Standard MH29.1, “Industrial Scissor Lifts Safety Requirements”. Structural members, including frames, are fabricated from high section modulus steel to provide exceptional stiffness and strength.

Motorized Rotation Platform Lift

Lift has motorized rotation platform and an accordion skirt

Ball Screw Jack Lift Platform

A high precision ball screw is driven by an electric motor-brake through an enclosed gear reducer.

Twin Mechanical Screw Lifts

These twin mechanical screw lifts are powered by a single motor.

Four Post Lift

This 60 ton 4-post lift is used for set up of turbine shafts. One movable lift is powered by air bearings to allow easy movement during set-up.

Six Post, Pit-Mounted Lift

40 ton 6-post vertical lift is pit-mounted. A single 50 hp motor drives all of the screws. Total raised height is 6 1/2 feet.

Eight Post, Pit-Mounted Lift

145,000 lb capacity 8-post vertical lifts are pit-mounted. This customer also purchased (3) 210,000 lb lifts.