Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

Bushman Equipment, Inc. designs and builds quality below-the-hook lifting device material handling equipment to grip, lift and transport your valued products. Our below-the-hook equipment consists of C-hooks, coil grabs, coil lifters, vertical lifting equipment, lifting device for cranes, crane attachments, spreader beams, hook blocks, ladle hooks, load weighing, sheet lifters, plate lifters, bundle lifters, crane lifting attachments, pallet lifters, lifting tongs, roll handling equipment, drum tilters and rotating axis grabs. We can maximize your crane payload with lower tare weights because we have proven designs for durable, heavy duty material handling equipment.

below the hook lifting devices, lifting devices for cranes

Having the right lifting device is critical to the success of any job. At Bushman, creative engineering leads to innovative products. We move industry in all the right directions for increased productivity and extended performance. Our below the hook lifting devices can be customized for unique applications.

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Bushman’s Below-the-Hook Lifting Device Products

Below-the-Hook Applications

Below-the-Hook Custom Lifters

We can customize any below-the-hook lifter for your application – loom and billet handlers, electrode grab, 5 coil lifters and a ring lifters to name of few.

Below-the-Hook Heavy Duty Material Handling

We have a proven expertise in mill-duty lifting equipment necessary to deliver material handling solutions with unparalleled levels of reliability, safety and quality.

Below-the-Hook Information