What is a Floor Mounted Jib Crane?

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A jib crane is a crane with a horizontal arm. This near horizontal beam is used to support the load clear of the pillar support. Jib cranes are mainly used in industrial and commercial applications, can be utilized indoors, or outdoors, and have the ability to lift very heavy loads.

A Floor Based Jib Crane manufactured by Bushman Equipment for an aluminum foundry

The production manager of a major aluminum foundry contacted Bushman Equipment. The potential customer needed to move a molten trough from cast position to maintenance. The concern was the overall weight of the trough, the long overhang of the jib, and the potentially dangerous materials being handled.

Custom Jib Crane Manufacturer and Supplier

Bushman Equipment went to work custom engineering and designing a 360° rotating floor-mounted jib crane for this aluminum foundry. With over 72 years of design and custom manufacturing experience, Bushman was able to design a custom jib crane for this customer with lift capacity of 18,000 lbs. This entire unit was custom designed by Bushman Equipment’s talented engineering team.

About Bushman Equipment

Since 1950, Bushman Equipment has dedicated itself to the design and manufacture of heavy-duty material handling equipment. Their full line of equipment is available in many capabilities to fit all application and production needs. Incorporating sound fundamental engineering principles ensures users receive reliable equipment for years of performance.

Bushman Equipment’s American-made lifting solutions are competitively priced and perform to spec for a broad spectrum of industries including, but not limited to:

Due to their expert engineering and design capabilities, Bushman Equipment’s manufactured products are shipped all over the world!

For a quote on a floor-mounted jib crane, or any other custom material handling equipment – contact Bushman Equipment!

About Bushman

Bushman Equipment Inc. designs, manufactures and services material handling solutions in 3 product segments:

  1. Below-the-Hook lifting attachments including C-Hooks, coil grabs, spreader beams, sheet & plate lifters, lifting tongs, rotating axis grabs
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Founded in 1950, Bushman is located in Menomonee Falls, WI, just outside Milwaukee. We are 100% employee owned.