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Coil Grabs & Coil Lifters


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Handling Densely Packed Slit Coils PDF

 coil grab or coil lifter
This motorized rotating coil grab was designed for low headroom areas

spreader beam with five coil grabs
This single spreader beam simultaneously supports five coil grabs that each lifts a 20-ton aluminum coil.

coil lifters built for Russian customer
Five 30-metric ton Motorized Telescopic Coil Grabs built for a plant in Russia.

Motorized coil grab
These two Motorized Telescopic Coil Grabs have been in service for over 10 years with little or no maintenance issues, in a hot-rolled coil quenching application on fully automated cranes at California Steel, Pittsburg, CA.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. manufactures a complete line of coil lifting equipment engineered to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and special application needs. Quality-built throughout, these crane lifting attachments will provide years of continuous, safe, efficient coil handling.

Bushman Equipment, Inc.'s coil handling equipment is built with heavy steel weldments to protect the integrity of the coil. It features:

  • Telescoping, motor driven legs.
  • Formed, curved saddles on the lifting surfaces.
  • Limit switch in the lifting pad to prevent accidental opening under load.

Optional Features

Optional features that enhance lifting efficiency and protect the integrity of the load include:

  • Coil Lifter with motorized rotation.
  • Photo eyes to help in centering the coil.
  • Limit switches at ends of leg travel.
  • Full length pads on all coil contact surfaces.
  • Rubber or steel toe rollers in the lifting pads.
  • Built-in automatic weigh scales with on-board or remote display.
  • Low headroom designs.

Coil Lifter Designs

Built for a variety of applications.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. below-the-hook crane lifting attachments, including all coil grabs and coil liftering devices, are designed according to the latest revisions of ASME Specifications B30.20 and BTH-1, Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.

Coil Lifter – Motorized

coil lifter - motorized with weigh system

Combining operating efficiency, protection of the coil, and utilization of the overhead crane system, the standard M5067 motorized coil grab offers the most comprehensive coil handling features. The lifter can be operated with cab, pendant or remote controls. These automatic coil grabs, available with capacities from 20 to 50 tons, include replaceable, non-metallic wear bars in the frame. Optional features are available to adapt the coil lifter to the particular needs of the coil handling system.

Custom Lifter, Model M5067

coil lifter - custom equipment
This customer needed a faster and safer way to lift forged rings into and out of their row of vertical turret lathes. They were lifting them manually using three chains that had to be carefully rigged and adjusted. The Bushman Equipment, Inc. lifter allows the crane operator to insert and remove rings automatically in a fraction of the time and with less chance of damaging the ring. The lifter can handle the customer’s complete range of ring sizes from a six-foot diameter solid ring to a 21-foot ring with a narrow cross section.

Motorized Rotating Lifter, Model MR5067

Coil Lifter - Motorized Rotating

The MR5067 motorized coil grab from Bushman Equipment, Inc. is a low headroom crane lifting attachment designed to give precise coil positioning. Rotation is accomplished by a gear motor with an integral pinion driving a geared bearing that is mounted in compression. An overload clutch protects the drive rotation from shock loading.

This Bushman® Model MR5067 coil grab has motorized rotation and a capacity of 80,000 pounds. The special design of this mill duty lifter includes motorized drop legs in a horizontal plane.

This coil grab was designed for low headroom areas and has motorized rotation.

Adjustable Coil Lifters, Narrow Aisle Coil Grabs

Adjustable Coil Lifter for narrow aisles

 adjustable coil lifter offloads steel coils
This 25 ton capacity adjustable coil lifter offloads steel coils from a railroad car in Houston.

The model 427 coil lifter is especially suited for below-the-hook applications with lower duty cycles and those in which operators are in close proximity to the coil. Reliable and economical to operate, the model 427 coil lifter is very effective type of lifting equipment for use in narrow aisles.

Adjustable coil grab for densely packed slit coils

  Handling Densely Packed Slit Coils PDF

adjustable coil lifter for narrow slit coils
Coil lifter legs ready to slip
adjustable coil lifter for narrow mults
Once between the coils, legs will
rotate between coils 90 degrees.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. has developed a coil grab which easily handles densely packed slit coils.CoilPlus-Berwick Steel needed to find a way to insert and remove thin slit steel coils (down to 1" wide) from a storage rack. The coils are closely stacked in the rack with a narrow 1 1/2" space between them. Bushman Equipment, Inc. came up with the solution: an adjustable coil lifter with flexible lifting legs that fit between the coils and rotate into the ID for a safe lift.

The hooks are adjustable in two inch increments to permit handling coils of varying thickness. "The main advantage of these lifters is that the feet rotate," says Larry Wood, Maintenance/ Safety Coordinator at Coil Plus. To remove a coil, the hooks are lowered with the feet parallel to the coils. Once the feet are in the ID of the coil, they are turned 90 degrees so they can lift the coil without damaging it or neighboring coils. "Since it arrived," Wood said, "the Bushman Equipment, Inc. lifter has been doing a great job."

Next Generation of Combination Coil/Pallet Lifters

combination coil/pallet lifter

Bushman Equipment, Inc.’s new motorized coil/pallet lifter can lift both eye horizontal coils and palletized vertical coils. The unit has fork assemblies to lift pallets and coil lifting saddles for lifting horizontal coils.

The forks and lifting pads are motorized to permit changeover on-the-fly or when used with a cab-operated crane. When lifting coils on pallets, a set of motorized coil restrictors lowers to prevent tall coils from shifting on the pallet. Sensors detect when either type of load is lifted to prevent accidental opening of the legs while carrying a coil. Other sensors and indicator lights aid the operator in aligning the lifter with the coil or pallet. Numerous coil protection features are also included. The unit shown has the motor control enclosure attached to the grab. This enclosure can also be mounted on the crane. Capacity for palletized coils is 33,000 pounds, and up to 100,000 pound for eye-horizontal coils.Coil Lifters with Load Weighing Systems


Coil Grab with an integral weigh system
Coil Grab with an integral weigh system and a capacity of 80,000 pounds.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. lifting devices can be equipped with weighing systems for automatic coil weighing during loading and unloading. The load cell is incorporated into the bail assembly. Low headroom coil grab designs are also available.

Features include:

  • All electronic components that are easily replaced
  • Calibration settings saved in memory that is maintained even during power outages
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Remote display available

Hydraulic Mill Duty Grab

hydraulically operated mill duty coil lifter     hydraulically operated mill duty coil lifting device

The hydraulically operated mill duty coil lifter moving this steel coil has a capacity of 45 metric tons.

Power Rotating and/or Telescopic Coil Grabs

Mill Duty coil Lifters     Mill Duty coil Lifting equipment

These units are mill duty lifters of a proven, robust, low maintenance design. They meet or exceed BTH-1 2005. Telescoping lifters feature a torque limiter to reduce the possibility of damage to the unit and load.

These units are custom built according to the customers’ specific application and feature bobbin-style crane connections that significantly reduce wear and damage to the crane hook.

Available options include:

  • Motorized or manual adjustment
  • Powered rotation
  • Low head room designs
  • Many coil protection features
  • Digital weigh system

Coil Lifter Stands

coil lifter stand      coil lifter stand

coil lifter stand designed for its specific size and weight.

Coil lifters are large and top-heavy. They can cause significant personal injury or property damage if they fall over. When not in use, each lifter should be stored on a coil grab stand designed for its specific size and weight.


Coil grab options

Option Descriptions:

  1. Connection to the crane--Standard pin bail, pull-pin, low headroom, direct reeved sheaves, sister hook, pull pin bobbin.
  2. Motorized rotation--The 350° stop-to-stop rotate drive has a ring gear and pinion driven through a motor reducer and slip clutch. Continuous rotation is also available.
  3. Bushman Equipment, Inc. Weigh-Rite© scale system has repeatable accuracy to ± 0.1% of lifted load in 10 pound increments. Includes digital scoreboard readout on the grab or wireless modem to transmit data to remote devices such as printers, PCs, scoreboards, etc.
  4. Stack lights--Various colors are available to give visual indication to the operator when limit switches have been tripped and the grab is in position to lift the coil safely.
  5. Tapered legs--Legs can be tapered away from the coil to allow clearance for slightly telescoped outer coil wraps, thus reducing the possibility of coil edge damage.
  6. Urethane body bumper reduces chance of coil damage if grab frame contacts top of coil.
  7. Flappers--Spring loaded pivoting flapper plates trip a limit switch after contacting the coil. Leg motion stops, reducing the possibility of damage to coil edge and unnecessary wear on the slip clutch.
  8. Urethane bumpers--Coil contact surfaces are covered with replaceable bumpers. Lifting saddle bumpers are recommended for use when handling cold rolled material under 0.015” in thickness, tin plate and surface sensitive materials.
  9. Proximity and optical sensors can “see” the coil edge and alert operator when it is safe to close the legs to insert saddles into the coil ID.
  10. Toe and heel rollers protect coils in adjacent rows when lowering the grab into lifting position.
  11. Urethane toe rollers are standard on coil grabs. Steel or aluminum toe rollers are optional extras at customer request.
  12. End-of-travel switches electrically stop leg motion and can lengthen life of slip clutch.
  13. Storage stand permits grab to be stored safely during maintenance and frees up the crane for use without the coil grab.
  14. Motor controls--AC or DC motor controls are available to operate with local power supply voltage and frequency.
  15. A sensor is mounted in one foot, as standard, to inhibit the drive when a coil is present. This sensor can also be mounted in the other foot as an optional extra.

Other options can be provided. Please consult with factory.

Custom Engineered Lifters

Custom engineered coil grabs

custom engineered coil grabs