Arbor Lift Assemblies

arbor lift assemblies

Bushman Equipment, Inc designed and manufactured Arbor Lifts for a power plant turbine manufacturer. The Arbor Lifts significantly reduce the setup time for repairing turbine shafts. The old method required dozens of set-up fixtures, a unique fixture for every shaft size. The Bushman Arbor Lift handles up to 120,000-pound assemblies that are 15 feet long.

Each work cell uses a pair of lifts. One lift is set in a fixed location. With the help of air casters, the operator can easily position the other lift without waiting for a crane or fork truck to move heavy fixtures. Ball screw actuators adjust the lifts’ height.

The Arbor Lifts can be pre-positioned and ready to receive the shaft assembly as soon as the crane brings it into the cell. Lift adjustments can be made while the shaft assembly supports the arbor rollers. Setup that used to take up to six hours now requires only 10 to 15 minutes. Larger capacity lifts can be designed for almost any size that is required.