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Sheet Lifter & Plate Lifters

Bushman Equipment, Inc. manufactures a complete line of sheet lifting and plate lifting equipment engineered to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and application requirements.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. below-the-hook Sheet Lifters have many production applications and numerous optional features to customize the equipment to your individual needs.  Among these features are lightweight designs, leg extensions and low headroom designs.

Our engineering staff will work with your design requirements to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of your material handling functions. All sheet lifters are designed according to the latest revisions of ASME Specifications B30.20 and BTH-1, Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.

Sheet Lifter for One-Person Operation

sheet lifter for steel

steel sheet lifter

The Model 5500 sheet lifter is designed for easy one-person operation. A large diameter hand wheel drives a self-locking gear assembly that adjusts the load supporting angles. This is an important safety feature that prevents the unit from accidentally opening under load.

Standard Safety and Design Features for Below-the-Hook Sheet and Plate Lifters

  • Self-locking gear design
  • Large diameter hand wheel which permits easy width adjustment
  • Conformance to the latest revisions of ASME Specifications B30.20 and BTH-1, Design of Below the Hook Lifting Devices
  • Compact, low-profile design which permits higher stacking
  • Lightweight design
  • Narrow leg profile which permits use in confined aisle space

Optional Features

  • Chain wheel operating mechanism which facilitates material stacking at greater heights
  • Ergonomically designed side-mounted hand wheels and chain wheels
  • Design modifications to accommodate greater widths
  • Higher capacities
  • Longer loads
  • End hooks for additional load stability
  • Extra-low headroom bail
  • Motorized leg operation to provide greater safety and improved efficiency in high volume and difficult-access storage areas
  • Available in a variety of voltage and control configurations including radio control

Heavy-Duty Sheet Lifter

steel sheet lifter
The Bushman® Model 5600 sheet lifter is for heavy to severe duty below-the-hook applications. The standard four-corner drive facilitates handling a greater variety of load widths, even in narrow aisles.

steel sheet lifter
This 15,000 lb capacity sheet lifter is rated for heavy service. It has adjustable lifting feet for lifting palletized or non-palletized sheet stacks. The sheet lifter is equipped with a drive designed specifically for straightening multiple stacks before lifting.

Optional Features

All optional features listed for Model 5500 are available for Model 5600, plus:

  • Motorized double acting drives that permit both side and end support of load
  • Capacities up to 50 tons available
  • Work-rated slip clutch and motorized drive systems designed specifically for straightening multiple sheet stacks

Comparison of Models 5500 and 5600

The Model 5600 sheet lifter can handle a greater variety of load widths than Model 5500. More significantly, the two models have different drive and drop leg designs. With its legs in the minimum load position, W1, the model 5500’s leg assemblies cross and telescope out beyond the width of the sheet lifter frame. This design requires significant aisle space to stack materials.

sheet lifter leg  telescopes
Model 5500

telescoping sheet lifter legs
Model 5600

When model 5600’s legs are in the W1, or minimum width position, the legs are contained totally within the sheet lifter frame. The Model 5600 permits more efficient use of storage space since it minimizes aisle space requirements permitting the lift to be used in narrow aisles.

Special Applications

35,000 Plate Lifter

telescoping sheet lifter
Each set of legs can move independently in the telescoping motion if required.

Sheet Lifter with Leg Extensions

Sheet Lifter with Leg Extensions

Telescopic Plate Lifter with Rack and Pinion Design

Telescopic Plate Lifter

  • 40,000 pound capacity
  • Two-point crane suspension
  • Mill duty or severe duty rating
  • Plate widths up to 146 inches
  • Plate lengths up to 40 feet

Sheet Lifter in Aluminum Blanking Process

adjustable sheet lifter     adjustable sheet lifter
Bushman Equipment, Inc. recently designed this sheet lifter and crane system for a steel and aluminum blanking company. This customer was adding plastic wrapping as a new value-added service. In a process that used to require 16 men, Bushman Equipment, Inc.’s heavy duty, motorized sheet lifter picks up 30,000 pound plastic wrapped stacks from a conveyor and puts them on a shipping pallet. This single lifter can safely pick up a wide range of sheet lengths and widths. The lifter has 14 lifting forks on each side, spaced to clear the conveyor rollers, helping to reduce the potential for product damage. 

Sheet Lifter with Motorized Rotation

     motorized rotating sheet lifter
This 30-ton capacity custom designed lifter has motorized rotation. It lifts automotive pin pallets loaded with stacks of steel automotive blanks.

Sheet Lifter with Adjustable Position Feet Rather than Rails

sheet lifter
This sheet lifter operates somewhat like a fork truck. The feet can be moved over and locked in position as you would when opening or closing the forks on a lift truck.

Automated Sheet Lifter

Automated Sheet Lifter
This fully automated sheet lifter is permanently attached to the crane. It also features motorized end supports to reduce the effect of canoeing on thin gauge materials.

Sheet Lifter with Motorized Rotation

Sheet Lifter with Motorized Rotation     Sheet Lifter with Motorized Rotation
This 60,000 pound sheet lifter handles steel automatic pin pallets loaded with steel blanks headed to a truck assembly plant. The entire lifter has motorized 270° rotation.


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