ITNAC Die and Mold Handling

Fixtures are easily bolted to the top half of the die set for separation, rotation and re-assembly operations.

The handling fixtures are bolted to the top half of your die set, utilizing existing tapped holes. The fixture can be bolted to top, front, back or sides of your die set.

Although one set of fixtures usually accommodates the range of most die sets, ITNAC® designs and engineers the fixtures to match your specific handling needs.

Once the center of gravity is is found, the top half can easily be separated from the bottom half of the die set by using your crane system. Now that the die is separated, it can be easily rotated with the FLIP-RITE.®

Many die shops are using the FLIP-RITE® for handling die sets.

The benefit is that with your crane and the FLIP-RITE® you can manipulate your die half in all three axis, thus enabling your operator to lift, level and rotate while equalizing the pressure on your die posts, for easy separation. The secret to separating any die set is to locate the center of gravity of the top half of the die. The wheeled trolley leveler unit finds the center of gravity from end to end and the rotation shaft from front to back with the FLIP-RITE.®

After the top half of the die is repaired, it can be easily re-assembled by leveling the die and lowering it with the crane system.

This procedure can usually be completed in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Once the center of gravity is determined, the operator can easily separate the die set by lifting the FLIP-RITE® with his crane system. Once the die is separated it can be rotated for maintenance and repair work. Re-assembling is just as easy. You can start and stop the rotation of your die set at any time. The complete die set can be rotated if required. The FLIP-RITE® is controlled from a hand held pendant, just like your crane.

Engineered to your needs – from 500 lbs. to 100 tons, the FLIP-RITE® can be used anywhere in your facility that is serviced with a crane.