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Transfer Cars & Die Carts

Transfer cars have many applications such as handling steel coils, molds and dies, radioactive waste containers, fabricated structures and machine sub-assemblies. 

Bushman Equipment, Inc. engineers coil transfer cars to your exact specifications. Depending on the application, drive systems may include:

  • Non-powered towable
  • AC electric motor fed by a cable reel; with enclosed conductor bars, or festoon system
  • DC electric motor powered by 24V or greater battery pack
  • Hydraulic motor powered by propane fueled internal combustion engine

Fully Automated

track mounted fully automated coil transfer car
This fully automated coil transfer car is track mounted. It was designed to move steel coils weighing 42 tons and to handle coils up to a maximum diameter of 80 inches and a maximum width of 72 inches

Tow Type 

Tow type coil transfer car
Fabricated of welded steel, this towable die cart is a flexible addition to your operation. The top platform is fitted with super-rail low friction roller sections for easy die transfer. It features a fabricated steel hitch pin so that a forklift can move it easily around the plant.

Free Ranging Coil Mounter

free ranging coil mounter, a type of coil car
This free-ranging, custom-engineered coil mounter moves easily throughout a plant. It combines the benefits of fork trucks, upenders and coil cars to maximize productivity.

  • Designed to handle a wide range of coil sizes and weights.
  • Available with 12- or 24-volt DC motors, this steerable, walk-along coil mounter handles steel and wire coils as well as rolled products like paper or plastic.
  • Standard features include batteries and built-in chargers.
  • Available options include non-marring surfaces to minimize damage to special materials.

Electric Motor-driven, Pendant-controlled

Electric motor driven, pendant controlled coil car
This 50-metric ton capacity coil transfer car can transport two 25-metric ton coils. Replaceable wear pads protect the coil surface. The operator walks along with car, operating it from a hand-held pendant.

Battery Powered

battery powered transfer coil car
This 20,000-pound capacity transfer car is used to move stamping dies. The transfer car is battery powered, eliminating the need for a cable reel or other external means of getting electrical power to the car.

Lift Die Cart Lite with Die Storage Rack

lift die cart with Die Storage Rack for quick die change     lift die cart with Die Storage Rack for quick die changes
This 1,000-pound capacity push die cart has a battery powered hydraulic lift and includes a die storage rack system.

Coil Transfer Cars with Scissor Lift and Turntable

Coil transfer car with scissor lift and rurntable     coil transfer car with scissor lift and turntable
This scissors lift coil transfer car has motorized rotation. It is rated for 15,000-pound capacity and is designed to handle aluminum coils. The coil is supported by gravity type rollers to allow for proper coil tail orientation.

Propane Powered

Propane Powered Coil Transfer Car     Propane Powered Coil Transfer Car
Propane powered transfer cars are used for handling coils, dies and molds.

  • Propane powered with internal combustion engine and on-board PLC and equipment for remote starting of engine and transport. (i.e. by crane operator)
    • Anti-collision sensors will stop the unit.
    • Auto shut-down when transfer is completed.
  • Coil car automatically steers to follow a floor wire.
  • Can be operated by attached pendant, remote radio or full automation.
  • Urethane covered wheels rated to run on a level industrial concrete floor.
  • Economic installation. No rails required. Easy to relocate when needs change. Unlimited travel – no power cable needed.