Bushman Equipment Unleashing The Pit Bull—A Scrap Grapple with Real Teeth!

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Bushman has a long history of product leadership in the design and manufacture of rugged, built-to-order material handling equipment. And now for slitting line users, we are introducing the Pit Bull™—an air-powered scrap grapple designed specifically for cleaning out looping pits.

Here are the features that make it special:

  • Attaches to your overhead crane with no crane modifications needed
  • Lifting capacity is 1000 pounds
  • Powered by a standard 90 – 110 psi air supply line
  • Operated by hand-held non-licensed radio remote control transmitter
  • Heavy duty double acting air cylinders operate the high strength steel plate jaws
  • Optional electric chain hoist that attaches to your crane hook and lowers grapple to the pit floor (if crane hook can’t reach the floor pit)

The Pit Bull was designed and developed to address inconvenient and dangerous scrap metal cleanup.