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itnac trailer building

Flip-Rite® Powered Sling Turns Over Truck Bodies

itnac trailer building

From small dump bodies to 35 foot long trailer dumps, the Flip-Rite® system can be adapted to turn structures of almost any length

BODY rollover in the shop is considerably easier with a sling and rotation system developed by ITNAC® Corporation. The Flip-Rite® materials handling system is being used by van body manufacturers to turn over roof panels, by dump body and dump trailer manufacturers to roll bodies for welding the other side and by custom truck manufacturers to turn over chassis frames.

To provide the turning action, the workpiece is lifted by two continuous slings. Each sling passes completely around the part, and is powered by a rotating drum from which it is suspended. Driving the drum is an electric gear motor with chain-and-sprocket reduction so that the rotation can be stopped at any point. Complete body rollover is finished in 60 seconds or less, depending on size.

Oddly shaped fabrications can be turned easily, since the sling makes contact with three sides for maximum friction. Slings can be of either nylon or polyester webbing. Slings for very hot or abrasive objects can be made of metal mesh. Disconnect links make it easy to pass the continuous sling around large objects. For uneven loads, an optional leveling accessory positions the load for proper rotation. The Flip-Rite® is usually hung by a bridle from a bridge crane or trolley hoist. It can also be lifted by fork truck or be incorporated into a gantry crane.

All Flip-Rite® units are designed specifically for each application. Size ranges from small lifts to turn over diesel engine blocks to very large rotators to turn boats, precast concrete beams and even railroad cars.