ITNAC Railroad Application

Turning Problems into Profits

By using the Flip-Rite® powered sling turnover device, the advantages of being able to rotate and turn the cars upside down are many – optimum worker welding position for highest weld quality, ease of car assembly/disassembly and quicker project turn around time (no pun intended). After looking at other turnover systems, East Railcar settled on Flip-Rite’s flexibility. Because it hangs on the existing overhead crane system, Flip-Rite® can be utilized anywhere in the shop serviced by the crane. And it takes up very little floor space when not in use. East particularly liked the cost savings, about l/4 that of floor mounted type positioners!

Easy to use, Flip-Rite’s® rotation fixtures are mounted to the coupler on each end of the car. After a pair of Twin-Path™ heavy duty lifting slings are placed around the fixtures, the Flip-Rite® system is lifted to the proper height for the car to be rotated. With a push-button to start and stop at any time, the operator has full control of the system. The entire operation takes only 10-15 minutes.

The Twin-Path™ slings used on the Flip-Rite® system contributes greatly to East’s improved handling capabilities. Being lightweight and small in actual size, compared to standard synthetic flat slings, chain slings or even wire rope, the Twin Path™ sling reduces handling and rigging time significantly. Made of Kevlar™ and Spectra™, pound for pound it is the strongest lifting sling available.

Specializing in repair, rebodying and new aluminum and steel railcar construction (AAR and M-1003 certified), East Railcar Corp. has brought its over-the-road experience and expertise to the railroad industry. With 71,000 square feet of factory floor space under one roof, they have equipped themselves to become a major player in the railcar industry with the ability to repair 5 or 500 cars with maximum quality and minimum downtime.

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The FLIP-RITE® System can be used on all types and size railroad cars. The rotation fixture adjusts to find the center of gravity for proper handling. Each system is custom made to your facility’s needs.