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The ReNew Process

Sheet Lifter
sheet lifter before ReNEW     Sheet lifter after ReNEW
Before                                       After

  • Analyze, Modify, Upgrade

 Bushman Equipment, Inc.’s professional engineers will work with you to assess how you will use your lifting device. Can it be modified to fix a recurring problem? Can it be upgraded to handle larger loads, more severe duty cycles or temperature extremes?

  • Inspection

Shortly after arrival at our facility, a Bushman Equipment, Inc. technician performs a complete multi-point inspection of your device. Safety inspections include checking for wear, damage and distortion, NDT (Non-destructive Testing) inspection and checking operating condition. Customers receive a detailed service report with photographs of deficiencies, repair recommendations, firm-price quotations, options for consideration and a comparison with the cost and lead-time for new equipment.

  • Repair

When you authorize repair work, experienced service technicians, licensed electricians, certified welders, millwrights and machinists will completely disassemble and clean the device. Deficiencies will be repaired. The device will be reassembled, tested, repainted and new warning and capacity labels applied. We will provide written Certification of Equipment Inspection and Test for Continued Safe Use and compliance with Section 51(1) of OHSA Regulation 851 Annual Inspection. Latest revision of ASME Spec. B30.20 and BTH-1: Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. Computerized service history records will be provided for each piece of equipment.

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance programs can be matched to your production schedules to keep your equipment operating efficiently. This reduces safety problems and costly equipment downtime.

  • Qualifications

Our US facility provides in house dye penetrant NDT and third-party NDT inspectors for mag particle and ultrasonic testing when needed. All welders are certified to AWS D1.1 and AWS D14.1.  Our Canadian facility provides certified NDT inspectors for mag particle, ultrasonic and die penetrant testing. All welders are certified to the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB).